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      Fendrihan Adds Luxurious Leather and Sumptuous Shaving Goods to Fine Selection of Products for Discerning Men

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       Fendrihan is proud to announce the addition of two new products to their carefully curated collections of the best men's products in the world. Pierotucci makes bags, wallets and cases out of high-quality soft, buttery leather, and Bolin Web makes razor handles shavers can grip with unsurpassed comfort. Fendrihan is a one-stop shop for men of taste and distinction.

      Whether it's a wallet, a cell phone case or messenger bag, leather elevates the everyday to a higher plane. Pierotucci Leather has been carefully hand-crafted in Florence, Italy since 1972. From their beginnings supplying local retailers, the company branched out in the 1980s to create private label goods for some of the world's most prominent names in luxury retail, such as Dunhill, Hugo Boss and Bally. Fendrihan is pleased to offer colors and styles that will compliment any man's aesthetic.

      Bolin Webb R1 and R1-S stylishly designed razor handles deliver reliably close shaves every time. Built to accommodate Mach 3 cartridges, Bolin Webb's attention to proper weighting means shavers will get excellent results with minimal effort. The UK-based company creates first-class men's grooming products, including specialty lines for Harrods and Virgin Atlantic. Fendrihan's selection of R1 and R1-S handles are made of ABS plastic encased in metal with an automotive finish. Each comes in a variety of colours and features an anti-bacterial rubber grip.

      About Fendrihan: 
      Fendrihan is the premier Canadian online destination for shaving and grooming supplies for men. With a comprehensive product range that includes traditional grooming staples, hard-to-find products from around the globe and some of the most reputed names in gentlemen's personal care,  appeals to veteran wet-shavers and men of any age looking to elevate their daily grooming rituals. The Fendrihan catalog also includes European leather accessories that offer organization and clever convenience demanded and appreciated by their customers.